Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Woman for our times...

"A Renaissance Woman is the one who shows up after the battles and says, 
“Hey guys, let’s clean this mess up.” 

She teaches people new skills and cheers them up with her positive attitude. 

She says “bullshit” to power-tripping bullies and helpless victims alike, and uses her incredible crystal magnetism to comfort the fearful and get them to listen to reason. 

She can sail a ship, construct a building, and teach a new language in a single bound, 
through the powers of enthusiasm, humor, and politeness."

this weekend...
I repaired my own refrigerator
tried out a pole dancing fitness class
took my kids to a 5-year old's birthday party and a Native American Pow-Wow
danced til 2am at a friend's birthday party
dismantled the bathroom sink to rescue a lost earring
and prepped for an upcoming Shaklee Go Green event.

I believe that makes me an official modern-day "Renaissance Woman!"

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