Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Beaches, Bachelors, and Bananas, Oh My!


Is it really August already?

Time funs when you're having flies, I guess...

Ok, so here's a quick recap of the past month:

Trip to Michigan was A-W-E-S-O-M-E. 

(Don't hate us because of our awesome tans)

Traveled up to Michigan with the kids and had an amazing time with my family...

 (somewhere in West Virginia, about 3am???)

We are what some people might consider abnormally close
for a family of nine kids, but it is  the most phenonemal experience on earth to travel with 
your brothers 
and sisters 
and their spouses
and neices
and nephews
(just shy of a mob)
 and enjoy 
every single moment 
of a family vacation!

(Did I just write a poem? Someone get back to me on that...)

A few highlights...

(Josiah and his favorite goddaughter-- oops, make that only goddaughter!)

(Ruthie PigFace Draper times two!)
(It only took 17 tries to get 4 wriggling kids to stand "still")
(I feel all sorts of awesome flying through the air in this picture)

(Who else waits on the side of the road for Pablos Tacos???)

(Warm summer evenings, singing and playing guitar & yukeleleeeeee)

 (Grandma's 80th bday! Why is she all by herself?!)

(It's illegal for cousins to procreate-- don't tell Jaxon he's adopted)

Major clean-up at my grandmas' house: 22 years worth of piled-up junk-- 
filled up a 15 foot dumpster and laughed/cried our way through the mess.
(Thanks, P90X, it was awfully fun pulling up that carpet in the basement...NOT.)

(Matt, Marta, Cousin Eric, & Josiah: Tell me how you really feel about it)


Then we rewarded ourselves with a magical day at the beach and turtle sundaes afterwards...

Reconnecting with aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, friends I haven't seen in 
five years. Introduced my kids and met cousins I've never seen before. 
Cried buckets leaving. Family ties are so important!

(I know we're related, but who are you?)

 17-hour drive home was a bit tedious! But with Shaklee energy tea and a good (belch) breakfast at Bob Evans somewhere in West Virginia, we managed to make it.

(Wish I was 2 again)

Let's see...what else???

Kids are wild, as usual! Serginho has been at YMCA camp where he swims, dances, does crafts and generally charms everyone within a 12-foot radius. 

(Wait, wait, that is NOT the right picture! I'm firing my agent!)

 We've been following The Bachelorette religiously (it's the only show I watch) 
and I'm concerned that my 4 year old is definitely might just be addicted. 

(He's on Team Chris, by the way, because Chris rocks that mohawk. 
(And that's the #1 quality we look for  in a husband.)

And while we're on the subject of pop culture, might I just say that Ali is an idiot for not 
picking Chris and I'm quite certain I think our entire family has 
a gigantic slight crush on him. Seriously, people. How can you NOT? 

("Here's your parting gift, guys, and thanks for playing You can all go home now".)

But when we're in the checkout line at the grocery story and Serginho sees The Bachelorette covers and begins recounting all of the last week's episodes including the names of the competing Bachelors and the locations they've visited??? The other people in line do give me the stink-eye. 

Ok, so maybe I should get my 4-year old in bed a little earlier and not allow him to watch the multiple hot tub and make-out and drinking sessions quality male/female interactions on The Bachelorette. ("I like you. I like you too! You're hot. No, YOU'RE hot! Let's get married! Ok! Etc, etc.) 

But when you've got two kids, a busy family and two businesses under one roof...well, 
any time becomes Family Time!

(Mom, what's an overnight date?) She keeps me on my toes. Let's see, what has she been up to? 
I have pretty much stopped potty-training for now.
I put her on the potty for a while, then  five minutes later she pees in her high chair 
and THEN she runs to the bathroom. 

Am I training her that first you pee all over everything 
and then go sit on the potty just for the heck of it? Decided to wait a bit longer.

(But Mom, I already peed on the floor and all the toys in my room! Why do I have to sit here?)

One day she was very quiet for a little while and I found her sitting on the kitchen table...
having unpeeled a dozen bananas in the fruitbowl.

(Dang, I wish I'd gotten an actual photo of the banana carnage!)

Another day I found her rifling through the yet-unpacked suitcases, next to a nearly empty package of Shaklee Mighty Smarts (DHA fish oil) chews and looking like a squirrel with a winter's worth of nuts in her cheeks. I looked around and only saw two wrappers on the floor and thought, "Whew, that was a close one." THEN I looked in the package of chews and saw she had already worked her way through half a dozen of them and the little stinker put all the wrappers back in the package! 

I was a little concerned about how much fish oil a child should consume in one day, 
but since it's Shaklee and brain food I didn't worry too much. Of course, she was fine, but in retrospect I should have used THAT DAY she overdosed on brain food to try potty-training again! 
Maybe she would have gotten the hang of it?

(Get this party started, Mom, I potty-trained myself in an hour and a half!)

 A few days later I found Natalia had taken all the backs off  the remote controls, removed the batteries and hid them in various places around the living room.

And then she walked in the room with diaper cream smeared from her toes to the top of her head-- I think she believes it's sunscreen. (Again, thank goodness it's Shaklee because I know its non-toxic and safe!) 

And she pulled out all 250 baby wipes from a brand-new package in the diaper bag. 

And she found a purple marker and drew all over the carpet in the living room that we'd just powerwashed. 

And...that's all for the Natalia update! (Isn't it enough? I'm exhausted just 
looking for more photos to illustrate the chaos!)

Last week I had the UH-MAZING experience of traveling to California to visit Shaklee HQ in San Francisco and then driving down the Pacific Coast Highway to Anaheim for the 2010 Shaklee Global Conference. There are waaaaaaaay too many stories to fit into this post, so I'll dedicate the next one to that update. Let's just say I'm more excited than ever about the possibilities of creating a business with Shaklee, helping people, and making a great income at the same time. Live the dream, share the dream!

(Part of The Hot Posse at the Final Night GALA)

Well, folks, is that enough for now?

I'll be back regularly starting this week, thanks for keeping up with me!