Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Adventures in the Night (not the kind you're thinking...)

Now go to sleep, or I shall have to summon the policeman!
My 5 yr old is quite the dreamer. 

I mean, quite the dreamer.

He often talks/shrieks/screams while he's in dreamland,
and he's been climbing down from a top bunk in his sleep since he was about 2.5 yrs old.

Last night was a doozy.

Bedtime...15 minutes later he comes out of the room wide awake.

"MOM. I can't sleep."

I assure him sleep is the wisest alternative of all the other options I have to offer, 
and he quickly returns to bed.

4 hours later, midnight.

One eye open, total bedhead, sleepwalking, he strolls back to where I'm on the computer.
Hands on his hips. Oh yes. 



Back to bed.

3am. I wake up to him standing 6 inches from my face.


"My big teddy bear keeps waking me up. He is trying to push me off the bed.
I don't like him. You need to come talk to him."


Into his bedroom where the gigantic teddy bear (bigger than he is, no joke) 
looks to have been thrashed about quite wildy on the top bunk.

"Ok buddy, what do you want? Want to throw him off the bed?" 

"YES. Because he's being mean to me. Get off my bed, teddy bear."

Poor innocent teddy goes thump on the floor.

I always get blamed for everything.

Back to bed.

My dear son awakes around 7:30 am, rubbing his eyes and talking up a blue streak.


"In my dream, you told me to put my clothes on, and I didn't listen to you.
And I went to school and I was naked. And all the kids were laughing at me,
But I wasn't a big boy like I am now. I was a baby. I was a naked baby at school because I didn't listen to you telling me to put my clothes on. And then they picked up the naked baby-- that was me-- and put my clothes on. I didn't like that dream!"

Proof that naked dreams happen to preschool aged children. What researcher do I call with this valuable bit of knowledge?

Here's hoping the chamomile tea works tonight, because we'll all be turning in early!

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  1. Good luck tonight! Chels was like this at his age, good news: she out grew it!!